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Well, it was definitely worth the three hour drive each way from Sacramento to just outside of Yosemite to second shoot this beautiful location along with Scott Fischbein.  It was a beautiful day, and a gorgeous location.  I got out of the car after the drive, and remembered how there was nothing like fresh mountain air.  Here are my favorite images from the day.

The bride wore her favorite pair of cowboy boots along with her beautiful ivory dress.

The bride’s son walked her down the path to the ceremony location in a grove of trees with a beautiful meadow along side of the location.

After the ceremony, I LOVED the processional of musical children.  Each of them chose an instrument to play before the ceremony, and afterwards, they lead the way back to the lodge (about a 5 minute walk) along with a talented pair of guitarists.  It was so cute!

And… the lovely couple!

Lovely wedding in Morgan Hill shot with Lauri Stephens!