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For the love of flowers, I am bringing back my Floral Friday feature on FB and my blog. Now that Spring is here (almost), I cannot help myself. I just LOVE fresh beautiful flowers, whether in a wedding bouquet or on my kitchen table. This is something that I enjoy doing in my free time, and I love to share here. Rananculus from my garden today….  I am excited to feature upcoming bridal bouquets from all of my summer weddings too!  Have a great weekend!

It’s Lovely Bloom Friday!  Sharing a bouquet that I created for Miranda’s bridal session.  White roses,  white hydrangea and freesia, hand tied with duponi silk and burlap.

I am going to share more blooms with you, but instead of every Friday, it will be every other Friday.  :)   I decided that it would be a lot to keep up on, if its four times a month.  I’ll be featuring favorite bouquets from my brides throughout the year, and other floral inspired shares.

You may remember my booth pictures from the Napa Show, and the yellow ranunculus vase that I posted.  Well, after the show, these hearty little flowers just kept alive and blooming.  All of my other flowers were dying, and I saw them sitting lonely in the vase and decided to throw this together, just because.  I used the ranunculus, white roses and white freesia and then I hand tied it with a pretty yellow silk fabric that I had in my stash.  I really enjoy doing this as a hobby, and its been nice to have the ability for a few bridal related shoots that I’ve done lately.  More of those coming soon!

I am excited to share another creation that I put together, this time for my photography booth at the Napa Wedding Show that took place at the Charles Krug Winery on September 22nd.  I took the booth space last minute from a photographer friend that had to bow out, and I had a great time planning it all out and prepping the booth.  I will share the booth itself shortly, but for Lovely Bloom Friday, I am sharing the main arrangement that I put together. It included some gorgeous orange poppies that match my logo and my vintage wedding booth design.  Happy Friday!

So I am really trying to be more active in blogging and sharing wedding related tidbits with my readers.  Part of why I’m doing this is that I want to share with you a little more about myself, the girl behind the camera!  I am going to be making a point of not just blogging weddings, but things related to weddings that I love.  I’m not the strongest writer, so forgive me for that.  I hope that you are entertained and inspired by what you read!

I’m starting with Lovely Bloom Friday.  One thing that I absolutely love and adore, is FLOWERS!  There is nothing like a visit to the Farmer’s Market and coming home with a bundle of gorgeous blossoms wrapped in paper to unfold and arrange.  I love the feeling that they give me, while they brighten up my kitchen table.  I have taken up some floral design as a little hobby, and I want so share, on this Floral Friday, a few recent creations.

My first creation is from my trip to the local Sacramento floral market today.  I am showing my photography at a wedding show in Napa this Sunday, and I am going to be putting together a few arrangements for my booth.  My logo colors are orange and tiffany blue, so I’m incorporating lots of white and orange flowers.  I will be putting all of that together tomorrow, and sharing images next Friday!    I could not resist these gorgeous, delicate yellow ranunculus blooms.  I did put this little vase together today to brighten up my morning.

More coming soon!